THE MUSLIM INVASION (Hijrah) OF EUROPE



                         THE VISION OF ADOLF HITLER/HIMMLER


                                      AN ACT OF HIGH TREASON


Stretching from Stockholm, Sweden in the North to Madrid, Spain in the South - an Islamic Curtain has descended upon Europe. Behind this curtain one of the world’s great civilizations that gave mankind the concept of democracy and the Enlightenment is being systemically destroyed by the treason of It’s political, religious, intellectual and media elites.


Just as my  book - KILLING PROPHET MUHAMMAD was being published a disaster has struck not only Europe but all those who believe in freedom and democracy, the humanity of humanity, equality of mankind, equality of women with men. Within a week what the Ottoman Empire could not accomplish over hundreds of years, Muslims have accomplished - the conquest and subjugation of Europe. I have revised the book and added the following chapter. Make no mistake this is an historical event with horrendous consequences. Below we explain in detail what this invasion means in Islam ideology. How fundamental it is to Islam As you will read all this is being done in the name of Muhammad AKA Allah - the personification of evil. All Mosques are monuments to this Monster of History. Killing Prophet Muhammad  exposes the monstrousness of this monster; child molester, child rapist, child beheader, mass murderer, serial rapist, torturer, terrorist, sex slaver, slaver, pillager. Poor German children are being taught the ideology of this child molesting murdering  rapist. Do you comprehend what I just wrote? Young girls are being mentally molested by their teachers into an ideology that sanctions their rape and sexual molestation as divine and holy laws of God. Young boys are being indoctrinated into committing murder in God’s name. We have lost our moral compass - the very essence of our humanity.



Aylan Kurdi Was Murdered By His Father



The Western media has grabbed onto the horrendous death of Aylan Kurdi whose poor body washed ashore in Turkey after the boat his family was travelling to Greece capsized. The evil West is being blamed for this tragedy but no one in the media is blaming the father. Aylan's father -  Abdullah has totally and completely lied about this tragedy. He wasn’t even on the boat. He sent the family alone on this dangerous trip so they could claim refugee status. He would then travel like a king later. What kind of father who was in no danger would risk the lives of his wife and children?  Abdullah worked in Turkey. The family was in absolutely no danger. The reality is that he endangered his family so he could obtain new teeth costing thousands of Euros free of charge in Germany. This is a crime that the press is not reporting.


All those Muslims, we see on TV invading Europe are not running in danger of their lives but are social budget tourists, who want to live off the social benefits of Germany. They are not setting in Greece or Hungry because these countries have no money to offer them a life of relative luxury. They want Germany to live high on the hog. 


European values


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the region’s refugee crisis is unworthy of European values and will require a bigger effort to aid those seeking safe haven.


“There can be no tolerance of those who question the dignity of other people,” she said, standing in front of placards accusing her of being the people’s traitor. “There is no tolerance of those who are not ready to help, where, for legal and humanitarian reasons, help is due.”


But the European values of democracy and freedom, equality of humans, equality of women with men, freedom of speech, press, are exactly the values that Muslims seek to destroy.


The Islamic values of human sacrifice - murdering kafirs assuring ascent to a virgin delight Paradise, women being the property of their man, sex slavery, slavery, stealing kafir property, terrorizing and torturing kafirs, murdering gays, apostates, are the values not only of Islam but of the Nazis ideology of Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. (5 Pillars of Islam:  53 reasons Muslim Men Can Kill Sanctioned By God



Angela Merkel has said the "breathtaking" flow of migrants into Germany will "occupy and change" the country in the coming years.  She is absolutely correct.


On January 30th 1933 one of the great acts of High Treason was committed when President Paul von Hindenburg with the support of the the conservative German National People’s Party (DNVP), named Adolf Hitler, leader orfÜhrer of the National Socialist German Workers Party (or Nazi Party), as chancellor of Germany. Tonight the political descendents of the DNVP – the CDU in an alliance with the socialists SPD have committed another act of High Treason flooding Germany and Europe with Muslim invaders,  If these people were fleeing Sharia Law and Islam to live in the freedom and democracy of Germany then I would state that all could come. But this is not what is happening. These Muslims are pouring in to live under Sharia law and destroy Democracy and Freedom  As you will read what is happening is  Hijrah or Jihad by emigration.  This a holy and divine act in Islam.


Cultural Enrichment In Germany


My German friend told me that last night near where he lives a 24 woman was attacked and raped. A 7 year old girl was dragged from her bike and raped in broad daylight. An 89 year old was robbed and raped. Last week an 18 year woman was raped by 2 Muslims and a 17 year old was raped and killed. A deaf old age couple were attacked and robbed of a 1,000 Euros. A 21 filling his car with gas was struck on the head knocking him out and then robbed. German police are under reporting crimes by 100%. This is just a mere handful of the crimes being committed.  At the same time, growing numbers of German women in towns and cities across the country are being raped by asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East . Many of the crimes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments. Sweden is coming to Germany.


German newspapers and media outlets have suppressed the stories of rampant rape and child abuse among the migrants housed in government-run accommodations. In a recent letter addressed to the Minister of Integration and Social Affairs in the state of Hesse, prominent women's organizations have described the culture of rape and violence perpetuated by male migrants -- right under the nose of German authorities. The letter states:


"It is a fact that women and children [at HEAE accommodation facility, under the supervision of Administrative District of Giessen] are unprotected. This situation is opportune to those men who already regard women as their inferior and treat unaccompanied women as 'fair game.' As a consequence, there are reports of numerous rapes, sexual assaults and increasingly of forced prostitution. ... These are not isolated incidents."


According to the letter, women were terrified to walk in the camp even during the day.



"The practice of providing accommodations in large tents, the lack of gender-separate sanitary facilities, premises that cannot be locked, the lack of safe havens for women and girls — to name just a few spatial factors — increases the vulnerability of women and children within the HEAE. This situation plays into the hands of those men who assign women a subordinate role and treat women traveling alone as 'wild game'. "The consequences are numerous rapes and sexual assaults. We are also receiving an increasing number of reports of forced prostitution. It must be stressed: these are not isolated cases.


"Women report that they, as well as children, have been raped or subjected to sexual assault. As a result, many women sleep in their street clothes. Women regularly report that they do not use the toilet at night because of the danger of rape and robbery on the way to the sanitary facilities. Even during daylight, passing through the camp is a frightful situation for many women.


"Many women — in addition to fleeing wars or civil wars — are also on the run for gender-related reasons, including the threat of forced marriage or genital mutilation. These women who face special risks, especially when they are on the run alone or with their children. Even if they are accompanied by male relatives or acquaintances, this does not always ensure protection against violence because it can also lead to specific dependencies and sexual exploitation.



The letter, signed by leading officials organizing the settlement of the migrants in the state of Hesse, went virtually unreported in the German media. For now, the German media can afford to ignore these crimes, committed in makeshift transit centers -- away from the public eye. How do the media plan to suppress this reality once some of these criminals are released into communities? Here is a foretaste of the things to come:


Recently the Germany's top public broadcaster ZDF refused to run a segment about a rape case on its prime time crime show, "Aktenzeichen XY," which helps law enforcement to gather leads from the general public, on the grounds that the alleged fugitive was of a "darker skin" and might fit the profile of a migrant. The editor-in-chief, Ina-Maria Reize-Wildemann, defended her decision: "We don't want to inflame the situation and spread the bad mood. [The migrants] don't deserve it." That the poor rape victim deserved justice was apparent.


Very good article by a Czech cook who is presently working at large asylum center in Germany. Google Translate to English


Cultural enrichment In Italy


In Italy a woman -  45 year old manager of an asylum center was gang raped and the center demolished.


More Enrichment:


What do Muslims do with all the donated clothing. They dump it like garbage.


90% of these Muslims are men aged 19 to 45. They can now afford 3 and 4 wives set up in different houses all paid for by stupid Germans


 Hitler understood Islam.


Had Charles Martel not been victorious,” Hitler stated in August 1942, “then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies the heroism and which opens up the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world.” Hitler told Albert Speer that Islam is “perfectly suited to the Germanic temperament.” If the Muslims had won in Tours, the whole of Europe would have become Muslim in the 8th century and “the conquering Arabs, because of their racial inferiority, would in the long run have been unable to contend with the harsher climate and conditions of [Europe]. They could not have kept down the more vigorous natives, so that ultimately not Arabs but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.”


Himmer Understood Islam

On December 1, 1942, Himmler stated:

"Mohammed knew that most people are terribly cowardly and stupid. That is why he promised two beautiful women to every courageous warrior who dies in battle. This is the kind of language a soldier understands. When he believes that he will be welcomed in this manner in the afterlife, he will be willing to give his life, he will be enthousiastic about going to battle and not fear death. You may call this primitive and you may laugh about it, but it is based on deeper wisdom. A religion must speak a man's language."

Hitler’s main goal was a Jewish free Germany and Europe.


“ the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.’ [Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf]

The Quran, like Hitler's Mein Kampf, provided the intellectual and moral ground for Muhammad in his campaign of Final Solution of the Jewish question. Muhammad’s main goal was a No Go Zone in Saudi Arabia for Jews and Christians.

5.60 God has cursed the Jews, transforming them into apes and swine and those who serve the devil. 

Book 019, Number 4366: 
It has been narrated by 'Umar b. al-Khattib that he heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) say: “I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.” [This single sahi hadiths tells everything about Islamic intolerance]

Hitler’s final solution was the concentration camps and the industrialization of mass murder.

Germany had a Jewish population of 565,000 in 1933 and just 37,000 in 1950.

According to the American Jewish Yearbook, the Jewish population of Europe was about 9.5 million in 1933. In 1950, the Jewish population of Europe was about 3.5 million.


The vision that both Hitler and Himmler had is now being fulfilled by Angela Merkel.  I will predict that within 2 to 5 years merely a handful of Jews will be living in Germany and the EU.


Germany is being flooded with millions of Muslims whose ideological religious ideology seeks to conquer for Allah:


"Allah has promised you many spoils which you shall make you, and meanwhile he has given you this and has the hands of men held of you, that it was a sign for the believers and that He may guide you to a Straight Path." (Quran 48:20)


"And Allah has set itself the heritage of their lands, their homes and their possessions, and a land which you do not enter before you had." (33:27)


Muslims should emigrate, to go to war:


To emigrate in the cause of Allah – that is, to move to a new land in order to bring Islam there, is considered in Islam to be a highly meritorious act. “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance,” says the Qur’an. “And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.” (4:100)


"Those who believe, and those who have emigrated and have led the sake of Allah war may, in the mercy of Allah hope." ( 2:218)


When a  Muslim makes  hijrah, it is a proof that he is a real Muslim – a true believer.


But those who have believed and emigrated and fought in the cause of Allah and those who gave shelter and aided - it is they who are the believers, truly. For them is forgiveness and noble provision. (Al-Anfal 8:74)


Ominously the Hijrah can never cease so long as there is an enemy to be fought and Jihad to conquer the kafir.


It was narrated from Ibn as-Sa'di that the Prophet (SAW) said: "Hijrah (migration) will never cease so long as there is an enemy to be fought" Mu'awiyah, 'Abdur Rahman bin 'Awf and 'Abdullah bin 'Amr ibn al-'As said: The Prophet (SAW) said: "Hijrah is of two types: one is forsaking bad deeds and the other is migrating for the sake of Allah and His Messenger. Hijrah will never cease so long as repentance can be accepted, for repentance will never cease to be accepted until the sun rises from its place of setting; when it rises thus, a seal will be placed on every heart with what is in it, and people will no longer have to strive." [Musnad Ahmad (1/192) No. 1671; Shu'aib Arna'oot commented the isnad is hasan,


Junadah narrated the Prophet (SAW) said: "Hijrah will not be cut off as long as there is Jihad." [al-Jami' al-Saghir al-Suyuti (No. 3754); al-Albani declared it sahih in ‘Sahih al-Jami’ (1991) and ‘as-Silsilah as-Sahihah’ (1674)]


Allah said fight them till there's no more fitnah, no more shirk on the land.


And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world[]]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do. (Al-Anfal 8:39)


They are travelling  to daarul harb – the land of the kafir to liberate the people the rule of the kafir and  from shirk. Europe is a massive cesspool of shrink.


Because of this reality, Muhammad said Jihad is compulsory until Judgement Day.


On the authority of Jabir the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "... Jihad is compulsory on you until Judgment Day..." [al-Mu'jam al-Awsat al-Tabarani (5/95) No. 4775 and Abu Naeem al-Asbahani in 'Hilyatul Awliya' (3/73)]


As long as there is shirk in the world, Muslims must do jihad. They cannot hang up their weapons.


Salamah bin Nufail Al-Kindi (RA) said that one day I was sitting with Prophet (SAW) then a person said ”O Prophet of Allah! The value of horse has decreased in the eyes of people and they have left the weapons and they say that Jihad has ended, because battle has ended." On hearing this the Prophet (SAW) faced him and said: "They are lying, fighting has stopped for now and a section (group) of my Ummah will always fight (do Jihad) for the truth. Allah will turn them away from Kufr to Imaan and will give them rizq from amongst them until Qiyamah and until the promise of Allah comes. And Allah has written good in the forehead of horses until Qiyamah. And He has revealed on me that my ruh (soul) will be taken away and you will follow me after dividing into several groups, and you will kill each other. And the center (‘Uqr) of Mumineen (believers) is Ash-Shaam." [Sunan al-Nasa'i (6/214) No. 3561, Musnad Ahmad (4/104) No. 17006, Sahih Ibn Hibban (16/296) No. 7307]


Muhammad said a group from his ummah will forever do jihad until they meet up with the army of the dajjal and fight the army of the dajjal.


Imraan ibn Hussain (RA) narrated the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, ‘A group of people from my Ummah will continue to fight for the sake of the truth until the last of them fights the Dajjal (anti-Christ) [Sunan Abu Dawud (3/4) No. 2484, Musnad Ahmad (4/437) No. 19934, Mustadrak al-Haakim (2/81) No. 2392]


All those who resist Islam must be destroyed.


"The retribution for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and to travel around the earth, to make mischief intended to be this, that they will be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off on opposite sides or that they made the country will be banned. That is for them a disgrace in this world, and in the Hereafter a great punishment for them. " (5:33)


"We are those who disbelieve, cast terror into the punishment that they adjoined to a God other gods, for which He had sent no authority." (3:151)


The replacement of democracy and freedom and all manmade constitutions with the establishment of an Islamic Sharia Law theocracy is mandatory:


"O you who believe are the best nation that has emerged among the people. You enjoin what is right, forbidding what is reprehensible, and believe in Allah. If the People of the Book believe also would like you, it would be better for them. While there are believers among them. But most of them are transgressors. (3:110)


The Muslim obligation to the Sharia is everlasting, non-negotiable and permanent.


There is no equality of humans in Islam. All those good hearted Germans cheering the Muslims arrival in the train stations and handing out food and clothing are regarded by Muslims as:


"See, worst of beasts in Allah are the unbelievers who do not believe." ( 8: 55)


Or do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are only like cattle; nay, they are even farther astray from the Path. (i.e. even worst than cattle). (Al-Furqan 25:44)


"O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends! They are guardians of each other, but not with you. If any of you followed them, it belongs to them and not to the community of believers. Allah guides the people who do wrong not right. "(5:51)


A kafir is not a human being to a Muslim. These Germans are not human beings but cattle and the Jews are apes.  Robbed of their humanity,  it is easy to slaughter these Germans for they are no more then cattle and apes. 



 This is the fate of Europe.  


Czech ex-president Vaclav Klaus is one of the very few politicians speaking out; "If Europe wants to commit suicide by taking up an unlimited number of refugees, it is to do that - but without our consent."


There are 20,000,000 Muslims ready to invade Europe.


This is not the end of the beginning for Europe but the beginning of the end.


To truly understand the disaster facing the West download and read the book – KILLING PROPHET MUHAMMAD. You will  read 1100 pages of the pure evil of this evil manic that is destroying the West. Read the sexual molestation and raping of his 6 year old child wife – Baby Aisha,  the beating and raping of his sex slaves, having children’s pants pulled down to expose their genitals and those with the slightest trace of pubis dragged away and beheaded, having homes sealed and entire families burnt alive, gang raping of sex slaves, stoning by smashing heads in with boulders, stoning a mother who will beg Muhammad to spare her life in front of her baby, lighting a fire on a Jewish chieftain stomach to force him to reveal the hiding place of his cities treasure and when he refuses having him dragged away and beheaded. Muhammad then raped his wife. He ordered 600 to 900 Jewish men beheaded and personally beheaded 2 of them. Just a small sample of Muhammad’s sheer depravity. Ask yourself how any good, moral, human being could believe that this monster received from Angel Gabriel the Quranic verses. Only monsters can believe that this  monster was a prophet. (I have organized Islam teachings into their evil categories so you can copy them enmass for presentation to your friends, teachers, ministers, Rabbis, politicians etc.)